If you were looking for a high-quality and highly resistant material, thank you for choosing HIMACS: This material is particularly easy to maintain. So that you can enjoy the excellent quality of your product for as long as possible, here are some simple and useful maintenance tips.


Cigarette burn

Small cigarette burns or nicotine stains are also easily eliminated with a conventional scouring powder or scouring sponge. If the gloss of the surface had become slightly matte, you can quickly fry the gloss with a scouring sponge.


Strong Salting

Larger dirt caused by food colours, tea or fruit juice can be easily removed with a whitening agent (do not leave on for more than five minutes). Then wash the surface with a common multi-purpose cleaner and rinse with clear water. Matte surfaces can also be treated with abrasive detergent. Nail polish can be easily removed with a solvent (without acetone) or an abrasive detergent.


Burning objects

Containers barely removed from the fire or oven must not be placed directly on the surface of the HIMACS. Always use a coaster. When pouring boiling liquids into HIMACS sinks or basins, it is recommended to let cold water run at the same time.


Angular objects

HIMACS is strong enough to withstand daily stress. But very sharp or angular objects can cause unsightly notches or scratches on the surface of the HIMACS. You can easily repair scratches and small notches yourself. But for deeper notches, we recommend using a professional.


Daily salting

HIMACS is a totally homogeneous material. As it is non-porous, it is easy to clean with a damp cloth, sponge or mild detergent. For all matte surfaces, you can even use a common abrasive. To maintain a homogeneous appearance, wipe the entire surface from time to time with a damp detergent or sponge.


Acid-containing detergents

Some detergents contain acid (e.g. methyl chloride or acetone). Don't use them


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